Who are we?

Frank Kashner

I recently retired as a collaborative, critical, and community-action oriented psychotherapist on the North Shore of Boston, MA, USA , also working to organize Massachusetts independent mental health workers through Clinicians United – SEIU Local 509 and promoting the Says-Us project proposal.

In the 1960’s, I was part of the Wisconsin Draft Resistance Union, Students for a Democratic Society, and the (successful) Cambridge Rent Control Referendum Campaign.   In the 1970’s I became a machinist at General Electric and an activist in IUE Local 201 in Lynn, MA where I participated in successful efforts to end General Electric practices of open racism, to win greater worker safety, and to make the union leadership more democratic.  See “A Rank & File Strike at GE” in the 1978 issue of Radical America.

19 years in Massachusetts software engineering organizations, most of the time as a manager, allowed me to participate in the development of technology and witness its liberatory potential.  I practiced collaborative leadership (linked-in profile) while navigating and learning from organizational politics.

In 2010, while researching why there were so many problems with social service organizations, I was directed to jobvent.com by an unhappy employee of South Bay Mental Health.  On jobvent I saw the passionate complaints of almost 100K employees about almost 10K companies, and glassdoor’s subsequent betrayal of those employees. The use of jobvent, my activist history, the stories of my clients, and my belief in the liberatory potential of the web, led me to conceptualizing and promoting the need for says-us.



We welcome your contribution to this project, philosophically, conceptually, technically, and financially.  Contact us at info@says-us.net

Next Steps