South Bay from GlassDoor 2015

In case you are wondering if South Bay Mental Health has taken employee suggestions to improve conditions, I decided to go check.

South Bay’s Glassdoor front page revealed an overall rating of 2.2 (poor), with only 30% of 76 reviewers saying that they would recommend the company to a friend.

Glassdoor displays best to worst reviews, so the first one shown gave the company 5 stars. The page also said that only 28% of reviewers approve of the CEO.

If you look for it, you can sort the ratings from worst to best, but it is not obvious how to do this.  The default is best first, a boon to employers.  The worst-to-best sort gets you reviews from 2012.  I sorted by date, and learned that, while there may have been some positive change, you still see mainly negative reviews.

 Most reviews this year have been negative, as reflected in the overall rating of 2.2.  Pay and working conditions, including terrible management, topped the list. Even the number 2.2 is deceptive, since the lowest possible rating is 1, not 0.  A 2.2 rating is actually a 1.2 out of 4.0.

More acutely, we must wonder how SBMH can continue to receive such poor ratings and not change? For one thing, Glassdoor has made the discovery of negative ratings so difficult that only invested employees or curious researchers find them.  Most importantly, SBMH is a for-profit social service provider.  As such, as long as the bottom line is good, management is kept and rewarded for poor practices.