Next Steps

The next step for this project is to create a prototype to help people better understand what says-us might look like, what it would do.

Here is a link to what I have so far.  Will anyone help me with this?

Says-Us Prototype Description

Front Page is Says-Us:

(Most recent complaints scroll, showing 1 line complaint short description, with link to actual complaint.  Next line is known demographic info, like org. name, department, date, location, kind of problem, rating, # of ratings, )

Top Menu:

Says-Us    Cons & Pros    Write a Complaint    Organizations    Do Something    Privacy     Language Selection

Tag Lines:

From Anonymous Complaint to Coordinated Action

Collaboration, Conflict, & Change

By Employees, Students, Consumers, and Others

Input box for complaint 

Required fields:   name of org,   kind of org,   location,   kind of complaint, short description, pros?

(check for values in all fields, ensure human, not robot)

Do you want an anonymous id on this site?  Because we keep no identifying information, you will need a site id if you want to be able to control you own entries, contact others, be contacted by others, discuss issues with others, and take coordinated actions (see list)

(Assign id and allow password selection)

Complaints Page:

Organizations Page:

Organization Type – Companies, Schools, Religious, Governmental, Other

Do Something Page:

Things that can be done

Organizations that may be able to help

Privacy Page:

Language – select:


Here is a current entry from glassdoor and how a similar entry would look on says-us:

Mar 11, 2014,6_IL.7,12_IM9.htm :

(Rating of company is 1 out of 5, with a “Disapproves of CEO”)

Pros – flexible schedule.  Met some great people.

Cons – where to start.. I worked on Flow team. the hours are usually at 4am-8, but had a VERY inconsistent schedule. You were always pushed to work faster and harder to get the job done quicker. They were always trying to send us home early. Some days I was there less then 3 hours. I dont wanna get up at 3:30 AM to work for 2 hours! Management was horrible. There are too many etl’s and team leaders, all of them extremely lazy. They seemed to never be doing anything, which made me confused why there was so many. They were all people with college degrees that really were not suited for their jobs. The job was very physical, and I feel anyone on flow team deserves to make more then almost minimum wage. If you are looking to get good hours, do not even consider Flow Team. Overall It was a very bad experience working there, and I definitely wouldnt suggest it to anyone.

Advice to Senior Management – If you are gonna have meetings about “how were gonna work together and improve the store” actually try to do things that improve the store and dint just say it and forget about it the next day. Dont hire leaders just because they have a degree. Promote from within.

No, I would not recommend this company to a friend – I’m not optimistic about the outlook for this company


How it might look on says-us:  3 line summaries, with links to full content, would scroll on the front page.

–Date = May 11, 2014; Company = Target; Place = Aurora, OH, USA; role = (former) Flow Team Member; Rating=0

Problems = Inconsistent schedules, too many team leaders, poor pay, don’t work here  (more)

Pros = flexible schedule, good co-workers

 Actions –  Yes, I am (id), here is what I’m doing (more)


click on (more) gets full complaint and actions  Here are examples of actions:

  •  (site id)
  • Yes, you may link similar complaints to mine
  • When there are 5 similar complaints, post to FB
  • When there are 20 similar complaints, send email to CEO at
  • Yes, a union can use this information @ id#
  • Yes, I have included a sound file which can be used in a radio broadcast



A proposal to create tools for change

Next steps

Actions that can be taken

“what ever happened to jobvent?” from Yahoo Answers

An example of Southbay content that was on the jobvent site and was removed

Draft requirements for says-us web site and mobile application

Says Us homepage

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