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Here is an excerpt from wondering what happened to jobvent and stating,  “Let’s hope another job rating website is started that isn’t a total fake.”


What ever happened to


“ used to be an awesome site with honest reviews from employees of thousands of companies. Now most reviews been deleted and the only remaining reviews are favorable in a sickening, Big Brother, kind of way.

I know the only time I go to sites like jobvent is when I’m disgusted with a company and want to vent. I would expect most reviews to be negative, so when they are not I have to wonder if they’ve hired admin or people in India to make up favorable reviews.

It’s ok if most are negative because this can be useful when comparing companies in the same industry. Now jobvent is the same as glassdoor – a complete joke! Does anyone know of a job review site that hasn’t sold out?”

Additional Details

“Jobvent was bought by (or should I say sold out to) glassdoor! Unbelievable. What happened to free speech? What is wrong with this country? The new jobvent looks like something they’d have in China. Total censorship. Nothing like being able to muzzle the working class, huh?”

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

“This is so incredibly disappointing. It was one of the only ways us employees could actually get an idea of what it was truly like to work somewhere and I go and look there and all the truthful reviews have been deleted+. All the comments got deleted as well. On top of that they are not taking any new reviews. This is so sad and ridiculous.

This is yet another way they can protect all the big corporations and exploit potential and past employees. I was lucky enough to read the truthful reviews about a company I ended up working for and I was warned about the truth.

Everything I read on jobvent happened to be accurate. If I had read the site now, then I would have a completely different impression of the company prior to working there. That site was truly helping people before. This is absolutely ridiculous! Who bought them out? What can we do? Nothing I am guessing. Sigh.”  (Ed – we can do !)

Asker’s Comment:

“Let’s hope another job rating website is started that isn’t a total fake.”


Eds – See Southbay for an example of content that was removed from Jobvent.  Yes, we need a real (job) rating website that is real!


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