Indeed – calls itself “the #1 job site”.

They allow search by company, job title, keywords, and location, do not allow sort by rating – so you see highest rated jobs on the front page and only highly rated companies on the 50 pages of “all companies” that you are allowed to see.

I searched for Biscuits & Bath, a company with a low rating on glassdoor, which has only 2 reviews on indeed, and both ratings, by “former employee” are higher than on glassdoor.

Then, I searched on jobs in Boston and went to the last page where I found “Creative Circle Employer Reviews”.  Notice the powerful expressions of anger by people who signed up to Creative Circle in the hope of finding contract work.

While they are not employees, imagine a company whose employees have a similar level of anger.  Then, imagine if they can be offered avenues of action.

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From search on “Boston”, last page:

Creative Circle Employer Reviews

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  • Compensation/Benefits
  • Job Security/Advancement
  • Management
  • Job Culture
Very poor placement, poor rates
A Complete and Utter Sham Thus Far!
Web Developer (Former Employee), Denver – April 8, 2014
Pros: decent rates, good sales pitch
Cons: don’t follow through with their promises and have you sign away your rights before you realize it.
I jumped through all their hoops to get into their system, interviewed with them, and even allowed Creative Circle to burden my references with long winded questionnaires. They had me start a job only a few weeks into signing on with them so I was initially impressed with their assertiveness. The position was supposedly a full time contract. First day – more…
Yes (73) – No (9)
Potentially Good, Actually Bad
Freelance Designer (Former Employee), Philadelphia – March 25, 2014
Pros: nice office in a good part of town
Cons: limited work availability, inconsistent communication
The location of the office is in a good location, easily accessible, very pleasant part of town. My interview went very well as the agent I spoke with was pleasant. But post interview, communication with the Creative Circle is horribly inconsistent. I’ve seen job listings posted by the office that fits my experience and qualifications but never heard – more…
Yes (45) – No (6)
Inefficient and a waste of time!
Marketing Specialist (Former Employee), Atlanta, GA – March 10, 2014
Cons: poor service
I signed up with this agency almost a year ago. They promise frequent emails with job leads that you can apply for once you are “in” their system. I don’t even receive one email within a weeks time with job leads. The recruiters send you out on interviews and you never hear back from them!! They never follow up to tell you if the client has chosen someone – more…
Yes (48) – No (2)
Freelancer (Former Employee), Ny – January 13, 2014
Tons of ads for jobs, all are just fish bate to get suckers to sign up to fill up their roster. Their rates suck too.
Yes (91) – No (12)
Promises much, Delivers little
Art Director / Illustrator (Former Employee), Houston, Texas – November 11, 2013
Pros: promises much
Cons: delivers little to nothing
I have over 10 years experience working with some of the best agencies in the country, both as staff creative and freelance. My book is packed with published dream jobs, and my resume is stellar, but I have never gotten any interviews, nor jobs through Creative Circle after more than 6 months of being signed up with them. I think this place is purely – more…
Yes (121) – No (15)
Big Waste of Time from city to city
Graphic Designer (Former Employee), LA – October 14, 2013
East coast to West coast, never get work, waste of time…not sure what their purpose is
Yes (92) – No (30)
set up like a pyramid scam
Can’t say (Former Employee), Can’t say – they are nationwide – October 12, 2013
the employees that have been there for some time will reap the benefit when someone starts and then is let go or they quit. What a great concept if you are the one that started early on, horrible if you came late to the party. I only wish I would have thought it up.
Yes (53) – No (16)
Easy, and laid back environment.
Corporate Trainer (Current Employee), Fort Lauderdale, FL – September 18, 2013
Pros: benefits are great
Days are full of energy, non-stop engagement between client and Account Executive, Recruiters and candidates, as well as amongst team members. It is a flat organizational structure where all employees have access to management and can voice their opinions. There are 17 offices in the US and the company continues to grow! Success is celebrated every – more…
Yes (9) – No (86)
Great compensation plan
Creative & Technical Recruiter (Current Employee), San Francisco, CA – September 10, 2013
They compensate you well for your hard work! They value employees who have a good attitude and are team players.
Yes (6) – No (68)
A Great Place To Work For A Challenge
Digital Marketing Manager (Current Employee), San Francisco, CA – August 20, 2013
Pros: flexibility and change of scenery
Cons: no benefits. no real career arc.
The people are very friendly and will make sure that you are happy with your assignment. They have lots of different clients so the work can vary greatly.If you are are looking for a place that will give you guidance on your career path, this may not be an ideal fit for you.If you are an artist or somebody whose work life supports another passion, – more…
Yes (13) – No (40)
A Great Agency!
Artist (Current Employee), New York City – August 7, 2013
Pros: many jobs, many gigs, many interviews
Cons: sometimes assignments last only a short time
I have been so fortunate to work with Creative Circle! The agents really care and reach out whenever there is a suitable job. I have had many assignments through them and many interviews. All in all it is a really great agency that has given me many opportunities!
Yes (9) – No (44)
Great company while looking for a full time job.
Freelance Designer/Art Director (Current Employee), San Francisco, CA – July 9, 2013
Pros: very flexible hours
Cons: difficult to get benefits, unstable work hours.
This company has helped me land some fun projects, but it is not a very stable job position. There may be weeks without any jobs, then all of a sudden you are flooded with different opportunities. I would recommend using it to bring in some work while looking for a real, full time job. It can be hard to get ahold of recruiters about jobs, but they are – more…
Yes (14) – No (25)
Great concept. but really it is CHUM.
freelance art director (Former Employee), chicago IL – April 9, 2013
I have a broad based background in print and web, big companies, big agencies, 16 years experience. Rather than hand pick candidates and match to positions…they send out a blanket email request. Like throwing chum in the shark waters. They get way too many replies and are unable to follow up. I am consistently placed with their competitors on well – more…
Yes (127) – No (8)

CynthiaR – June 14, 2013

Which agencies would you recommend to go through?


Applicant (Former Employee), NYC – April 3, 2013
They’re like rats on a Habitrail. They don’t find you work, their database or whatever they use is busted, and they have the attention span of fleas. Really, calling them makes you wonder, “Why NOT just eliminate the middle man?” Cause they’re a 100% deterrent to finding a good candidate work.
Yes (78) – No (10)
never got work through them….uh, directly
graphic design (Former Employee), Seattle, WA – April 2, 2013
Cons: they fail to fill positions even for their own clients
I have received dozens of job postings from Creative Circle, but have never been “awarded” one through the agency. From what others say, its probably just as well.I did respond to one job offer that turned out to be from a friend of a friend. That friend forwarded my name and info along to the client, I got an interview, and negotiated a fee THREE – more…
Yes (81) – No (3)
Worst of the worst
Creative professional (Former Employee), San Francisco – March 1, 2013
Cons: too many to list!
A NIGHTMARE! There is not enough space here to write how bad my experience was with Creative Circle. I have never experienced such an unprofessional group of people, who truly do not care how they treat their applicants. I’m a seasoned creative professional who has an impeccable work history working as a contractor for big name companies. I’ve never – more…
Yes (78) – No (3)
The Worst!!
Production Artist (Former Employee), NYC – February 20, 2013
Cons: age discrimination!!
With 16yrs under my belt in this industry iam well seasoned behind a MAC! I have answered so many job postings for CC but not one call
back! They look at age!!! If one is OLD, one is SCREWED with this company!! STAY AWAY..!!!
Yes (77) – No (17)
Don’t use Creative Circle if you can help it
Creative Director (Former Employee), Chicago, IL – January 15, 2013
Pros: clever name
Cons: unprofessional, unfamiliar with creative industry.
Creative Circle is just another recruitment shop with a clever name that tries to sound hip and tries to think of themselves as part of the creative industry, but in reality they are not. It is run by a bunch of recruiter hacks who are at times unprofessional and seem to care very little about the talent they work with. No great surprise. Creative Circle – more…
Yes (117) – No (7)

NoRecruiters – January 26, 2013

As this commenter said, these shops are leeches. Avoid using them and do your own marketing. I have used, or attempted to use, a number of recruiters / staffing / temp agencies over the years. They serve a purpose in certain industries, but creative is not one of them, (those who can–do, those who can’t–recruit). Most of these idiots can’t even create a blank page with InDesign, yet they’re trying to fill graphic positions. When the economy is good, marketing budgets large and jobs plentiful, ANY recruiter can find you a job. But when things are tight, dozens of agencies are stumbling over each other to fill one position. Good economic times created an excess of agencies that today’s job market can not sustain. They’re too greedy (taking 60% or more of your hourly rate), yet too miserly (no paid health benefits, vacation time, holidays, or sick time). If you find a good job at a great company, and that company wants to hire you, the agency commission for “finding you” is so high it will be a deal breaker. And, they’ve got a contract clause that keeps you from going to that company directly for one year after your assignment is over. It doesn’t matter if their name is Creative Circle, Creative Group(Robt Half) , Vitamin T(Aquent), Volt, Technisource, Areotek, Kforce, Yoh or whatever, a leech by a thousand different names is still a blood sucking, gives nothing back, parasite.

Great place to learn many skills
Production Artist | Graphic Designer (Current Employee), Philadelphia, PA – January 13, 2013
Pros: great exposure to a wide gamut of creative work.
Cons: temporary
Creative Circle is a great way to quickly gain experience fast. I like that I’m able to walk into any place assigned and start working like I have been there for years. This is an excellent way to “tryout” different companies and their scope of work to see where you ultimately want to be in your own career.
Yes (1) – No (48)
Don’t waste your time!
Creative Director-Design (Former Employee), Chicago, IL – January 11, 2013
Cons: too many to list :(
Worst Creative recruiters out there! I have 15 years of experience… very well rounded and good at what I do. I get plenty of repeat jobs through other recruiters, but mainly find work on my own. Been signed up w/ them for 2 yrs and have yet to get an interview or job! I used to apply instantly when I received a perfect job match for me and I would – more…
Yes (51) – No (2)
Not terrible, but a bit incompetent and fast in doing business
Artist (Current Employee), New York – January 3, 2013
Pros: friendly, respond to emails promptly, have a big web of jobs
Cons: low rates, a bit incompetent, too fast/short with their freelancers.
Compared to other staffing agencies in NYC, Creative Circle always seems like they are in a rush to do business. Their rates keep getting lower and lower, also compared to other agencies. I also feel that many of the recruiters are a bit incompetent, and need to have more industry knowledge – software, the difference between an editor and an animator, – more…
Yes (43) – No (2)
just another group of incompetent leeches.
freelancer, unpaid (Current Employee), NYC – December 14, 2012
Pros: nice office
Cons: immature, incompetent staff who dont know the art indusyin manhattan.
This may be a terrible time in NYC history for people in advertising art production, and a company like this should help an artist get work by their representation, but all they did was waste my time from the interview process to the job that I was supremely qualified for that they dragged their heels on.Every job they post is gutted for cash so that – more…
Yes (32) – No
If you hoping then they will find a job for you, DON’T HOPE!!!!
still waiting (Former Employee), Ft Luaderdale – December 8, 2012
Pros: i havent seen one
Cons: im not sure wereto start, it”s a con company its a scam.
If you hoping then they will find a job for you, DON’T HOPE!!!!
You will never get it. They just keep you on the file so it looks good on the meeting when. Dont hope to get a job with them. Just move on before you get disappointing. Oh they tell you call as and we explain how it works….Let me see you have potential employer, you potential employee – more…
Yes (23) – No (8)
Over a year and no work, no interviews
job seeker (Former Employee), Chicago – December 5, 2012
I signed up with Creative Circle in Dec 2011. With over three years of experience in my field, I’ve only been called by them twice for positions they have never sent me on interviews for. I’ve answered their job positing emails immediately, particularly the ones I KNOW I’m very qualified for, even included a cover letter. Still I have never been sent – more…
Yes (42) – No (5)
Friendly/Helpful Staffing Agency
Freelance Designer and Production Artist (Current Employee), Chicago, IL – October 29, 2012
Pros: friendly, helpful
Cons: not always steady work available
The recruiters are always friendly and very helpful. They know me and are consistent in finding me good freelance work. I would definitely recommend them to someone look for work in the design field.
Yes (6) – No (21)
Good work, inconsistent work
Freelance Designer (Former Employee), Chicago, IL – June 20, 2012
I understand the process of Creative Circle; employers send their requirements to Creative Circle, they send out emails to all involved, whoever sends their resume quickest and is most qualified gets the job. I had a hard time getting work with lack of experience. I was only able to require work 3 separate times from one company. I enjoyed what I did – more…
Yes (19) – No (17)

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