Rating & Review Sites

There are job and consumer review and complaint sites in every country. Most of these sites are corporate controlled and profit oriented. The business model of some of these sites is clear; get workers to help the site make money from corporate employer advertising, job, and product postings.   

Says-us would be built as an alternative to those sites. Millions of people spend time on these sites, searching for genuine job reviews and jobs.   

There, they encounter each other, but often unreliable reviews.  We target the functionality of these sites as a way to provide real reviews and to organize ourselves.  

RateMyEmployer.ca is one of the best sites we’ve seen, but it for Canadian companies only.  As of 11/2014, it claims employee 40,768 ratings about 9127 employers.

contratados.org is a site for Migrant Workers and asks specific questions to help workers assess employers.  Here are the questions.

The Undercover Recruiter compares some job rating sites with  glassdoor.

There is a list of job posting sites at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Employment_websites  — Yelp reviews companies, services, and more.

One of these sites was jobvent.com in the US., which collected 100,000 reviews, most critical, about almost 10,000 companies.

When Glassdoor bought Jobvent, it removed most of the critical content, and renamed the site to Jobitorial. Here we have included examples of reviews from Jobitorial, Indeed, and Glassdoor.

There are dozens, perhaps hundreds of such sites in various languages world wide, where dis-empowered and dispersed working people come together without getting a chance to link up with each other and organize their voices independent of corporate influence.

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