Category Archives: workers claims that it has 8 million reviews from 400,000 companies. This is a lot of reviews of a lot of companies. While Glassdoor makes its money from employers, it clearly has attraction to employee / reviewers.  When employees, past or current, write reviews about problems in their companies, they hope that management will solve them or they hope to warn off other prospective employees. Some reviewers of South Bay mental health say explicitly that these are their goals. While they may have succeeded in warning off prospective employees, they have never succeeded in getting management to improve.

Glassdoor is an example of a company using reputational power to engage employees. It uses employers’ need for employees to also use the site to help employers recruit new employees. Glassdoor helps employers make Glassdoor an attractive portal to their recruiting efforts. They do this by allowing employers to use their company graphics and logo in Glassdoor at the top of the reviews of their company, and in between reviews, they run ads to help companies recruit new employees. Past, current, and prospective employees need to write a review to gain access to the site content.  Prospective employees receive job posting ads via email from the companies they look at on the Glassdoor site.

Employee / reviewers hope that the reputational effect will cause management to improve pay and working conditions. Glassdoor allows this possibility but does not do anything to enhance this effect. For example, they do not track employers who do not change, they do not highlight the worst employers, they do not have standards of employee treatment, and they do not suggest anything that employees can do about their complaints.  Even employers identified by employees as breaking the law, being abusive, discriminatory, and who take public funds to deliver substandard services, get a free ride.

We can imagine a site that is focused on identifying the worst employers, schools, hospitals, and service providers; a site that allows employees, patients, and customers to easily find each other’s reviews and, if they desire, contact each other; a site that provides direct links to consumer groups, unions, friendly lawyers, petition sites, and others.  SaysUs could be such a site.