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We need your ideas and other forms of help.  Here are some questions we are currently considering:

Job sites focus on helping employers to recruit.  To attract potential employees, they allow limited rating and review functionality, which includes “pro” as well as “con” job features.

Question 1:  Should Says-Us include pros as well as cons in reviews?


“Collaborative management”, rarely identified, has leaders who listen to employees and who engage in dialogue to discover best solutions and practices.

Question 2: Should Says-Us give a focus on collaborative vs authoritarian practices?


A great job, with good leadership, can produce poor product, or product that is socially destructive.  For example, Monsanto employees may be happy as employees, but producing Round Up is killing the earth.

Question 3:  We want participation of consumers as well as producers of goods and services.  Should Says-Us ask about usefulness and quality of product as well as job quality?

Give voice to the voiceless, power to the powerless

This is a site for a site!

On this site, I advocate for the creation of a web site which I am calling, for now,  (says-us).

Says-us would be a not-for-profit site where people could write reviews / complaints about companies, landlords, schools, managers, hospitals, non-profits, for-profits, and institutions and organizations of all types.

Reviews could be about the whole institution, or about a particular boss, manager, rental agent, principal, mayor, etc.

The site could be searched by organization, location, type of organization, existing ratings, actions already taken, and more.

Types of complaints could be categorized, and remedies and actions could be suggested, with links to appropriate individuals and organizations.