Pool of resources, ideas and links to self-organised groups will be available on Says-us for collective use and self-empowerment

The Do Something button will lead our visitors to choices and suggestions like the following. Feel free to contact us and contribute more ideas with the contact form on bottom of the page, or by emailing us:

Get in touch with your peers

  • Talk to others who share your problems on Says-us pages, in your workplace, on social networks, everywhrere -yet with consciousness for your safety!

Stay connected and build ties

  • Form work and exchange groups to get yourself organize: On the Says-us pages your will find suggested ideas and guides like about How-To make a threat analysis, How-To safely organize yourself, How-To form work gourps, manage the time and tasks collectively, How-To do exchanges, determine and apply meeting protocols …)
  • Forming Production Mapping groups, to think further about your workplace in order to identify existing and potential problems caused by the design of the production process by the employer
  • Forming Study Circles to identify any topic wished to be learned about and studied colectively

Self-research, self-analysis and self-learning

  • On the Says-us pages we will try to create a pool for all usefull and relevant [information and knowledge] resources to make things easier, such as legal structures, law texts, social and civil rights we have so on. Yet the main thing to learn is How-To reach information ourselves and analyse that information to learn the things we need ourselves.
  • Relevant knowledge resources on the Internet: Links to legal advisors,
  • Crypto parties – On online security and privacy
  • Hacker Spaces and FabLabs – Links to active Hacker spaces and FabLabs, where anyone can learn basics of hacking and creating any kind of tools.
  • Do it Yourself – Sites and communities

How to write a press release

How to use social media in your organization

How to use Twitter effectively

How to make decisions by consensus

How to organize and promote an event

How to organize a teach-in about climate justice

How to facilitate groups well

How to host a zero waste event

How to create street art infographics

How to map assets

How to create powerful visual props for direct action

How to help your blog thrive

How to organize direct, non-violent, creative, disobediant, assertive and viral civil actions [from local to global]

  • Writing an anonymous email –  To the CEO,  the Board of Directors, a local blog or newspaper  so on (Says-us will provide examples of letters, forms, and ‘how-to’ for finding key people on the net, for writing impactful letter and articles)
  • Write collective emails or get support for email campaiging sites like
  • Record a sound clip or video for an online site, like Workers Independent News, Radio Labour, Labour TV’s or any local or national station (Saysus will have How-tos and trainings for video and audio recording, editing, and online live streaming)
  • Organize a flash mob (Links to activist groups will be listed such as Occupy Directory and How to Camp)
  • Organize social media mobilisations and campaigns (Resources for How-to use social media for mass campaigns and mobilisations will be provided on the site / links to activist groups to collaborate with will be on the site)

Other forms in-direct Do-Somethings

  • Talk with a lawyer (Links to lawyers registered on the site, as well as activist lawyer groups will be listed on the site)
  • Talk with a professional organization (Links will be collected on the site)
  • Find a union to talk with (Links to progressive and independant unions using sources like Global Union Data Base or list of registered unions)
  • Write a petition, or contact to petition sites like (Guids to write a petition and links to petition sites will be listed)
  • Contact your elected officials – links
  • Run and support candidates (Relevant links will be listed)
  • ….

How to start a Transition initiative

How to create a successful collective

How to share food at a community level

How to reuse empty spaces and shops for creative purposes and/or community development

How to make a street car-free

How to build a better neighbourhood

How to start a really, really free market

How to  car share

How to avoid holiday shopping (and do something good in the process)

How to share a garden

How to harvest fruit trees as a neighbourhood

How to start a barter system

How to start a work group in your neighbourhood

How to build a compost bin

How to set up a local food hub

How to throw a block party

Direct request for ideas, collaboration, training, and advise help from Saysus

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