*** says-us *** – A Proposal

This web site is a proposal to build web and mobile capability that will allow millions of people, world-wide, to voice their needs and take action to fulfill them!

We propose to enable people, as workers, consumers, retirees, students, unemployed, and prisoners, to safely

  • Read and write anonymous reviews, including complaints and praise
  • About employers, landlords, vendors, agencies, schools, health care providers, governments, etc
  • Giving voice to the voiceless — power to the powerless!
  • From complaints, unmet needs can be identified
  • We learn from each other – with peer rating and advice, like reddit
  • To find each other – by relevant demographic
  • To find outside resources, unions, media, tenant unions, homeowner organizations, health care advocates, legal resources, to help take action

Allowing people a web and mobile facility to voice concerns has already been proven to work, even without “take action” links and tools!

Here is a link to the start of a prototype of says-us.

Before it was eviscerated by glassdoor, jobvent.com collected 100,000 reviews, most critical, about almost 10,000 companies. ratemyjob.ca claims 40,754 ratings about 9122 employers.

says-us will help people tell their stories, rate the institutions that affect them, and move from anonymous concern to concerted action!

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